Master en Periodismo Musical

Master in Music Journalism

The International Federation of Music Journalists (F.I.M.J.) is an international association of writers, journalists, editors, photographers, broadcasters, freelance, web contributors, radio speakers, TV presenters and media professionals who treat music on any media (writing of articles, reviews, interviews, reportage). Born in April of 1989 the Association, unique of sector, today has over 2.800 members in 60 world countries. Confers “Music Journalist Award” and edits various publications as the “Directory of Music Journalists” and the “Music Media Directory”. Instituted in 2002 the Master in Music Journalism.

In Contribution with magazine Kult Rock (

MASTER IN MUSIC JOURNALISM XXI Edition – December 2023 - May 2024

The main purposes of course are: 

·       To educate professionals to work in journalism, public relations, communication agencies and also in radios, internet or television;

·         To offer knowledge of the communication rules;

·         To offer knowledge of journalistic criticism;

·         To prepare for the criticism and the practice of music journalism;     

·        To offer also competences in music industry;

The arguments of the course are:

·         Introduction to journalism,

·         Researching an article,

·        Different types of interview: Face-to-face Interviews, Telephone Interviews, Interview Techniques,

·         The methodology of criticism,

·         The methodology of the music criticism,

·         News reporting,

·         News writing,

·         Writing press releases,

·         News desk organisation,

·         Feature writing,

·         Developing a feature,

·         Sub-editing,

·        Ethics and legal issues,

·         Reviewing live shows,

·         Reviewing albums and singles,

·         Developing critical opinions,

·         Discovering new bands,

·         The Press Conference,

·         The Internet as a research tool,

·         The Press Office,

·         History of Journalism,

·         History of Music,

·         Internet and New Technologies,

·         Publishing,

·         Music Business,

·         Music Laws,

·         Promotion of music events,

·         Music Management ,

·         Television Journalism,

·         Radio Journalism,


The master course (carried on-line in e-learning mode) starts Friday with the first two lessons,
Then every friday students will recieve other two lessons  for a total of over 60 lessons.  During the course every student will take part of contribution staff of magazine Kult Rock  (over 90.000 subscribed readers) and will publish articles, reviews, interviews, reportage (about 20-25 articles in a year).

All the applications must be sent with curriculum vitae.We accept only 25 students.

For info/subscription contact  or

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